• To be given more responsibility and authority within the walls of the association will enable me to advance the cause objectives and vision of the association thus further promoting the cultural and historical heritage of the Filipino-Americans in this part of the county of San Diego as defined in the By-Laws.
  • To bring out the skills and talents of our members molding them into a much useful and productive members of the association, their community, or their society as a whole
  • I have a very good command of both Filipino and the English Language and with ease can compose letters of business and commercial in form enabling me to take minutes of meetings. I have computer skill that is a vital for the position that I seek. Also able to organize and discretely keep important documents.
  • Retired from the US Navy after 20 years of active military service.
  • Passionate in the art of Filmmaking and Acting and this skill will help capture and preserve a valuable moment in time where a cultural presentation is being held.
  • An avid reader of historical novels and literature that centers mainly on the Filipino-American community.
  • Skilled in writing the Filipino ancient script called Baybayin/Alibata