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This is an awesome website. Whoever is responsible for its construction and maintenance did a commendable job the effort of which is very much in evident here.

Indeed, the Fil-American Association of North San Diego County have emerged from the primitive days of mimeograph machine of our time, when it was founded in 1976, to the technologies of today. The Association, the general membership in particular, should be proud of the accomplishments of its elected officers and committe chairs for their deligence and dedication. As a returning member, I can say with confidence that the Association is on tract.

Listening to Mayor Wood's speech during the Christmas Party was very encouraging. To hear the Mayor comment that the Association is one of the best in the city is testimonial to what the Association is all about - to educate the community of the Filipino culture and show that the Filipinos are, and in fact, a valuable and positive asset in community-building.

That the Association is now "advertised" worldwide via this web site brings awareness to a multitude of internet researchers. The price to pay for this is time and effort. My best wishes to the Filipino-American Cultural Association of North San Diego County.

PP Felix Saguing
Dec. 21, 2008

Hi,I am a Filipina residing in Prescott Valley, AZ. We have been in the U.S. for 40 yrs. We have a small group of Filipinos in Prescott and we are planning a Christmas party in about 2 weeks. One of the things we would like to do during the party is a fashion show of our Filipino costumes. We noticed in your web site, which by the way is very nicely presented, is that you also had a fashion show last year. It appears that the costumes were described by Pat Posadas. We are doing some research on this subject but cannot get enough information. Will you please ask Pat if she can possibly email us a copy of the material she used during her presentation? She can also call me if she wants to talk to me. Thanks a lot.

Siony C.
Dec. 2, 2008

My name is Ernie, and I am a Filipino-American high-school senior. I attend El Camino High School in Oceanside, California. I am writing you to express my interest in the scholarships that your association offers.

I am a college-bound student set to graduate with honors. I have been quite involved at my school and community, with volleyball, marching and jazz band, Academic League, and many more activities. My father's service in the Navy has allowed me to volunteer at the Naval Hospital in Camp Pendleton for the Red Cross. Overall, I feel that I am qualified for scholarships and financial aid.

I look forward to learning more about FACA's scholarships.

Ernie R.
Dec. 4, 2008.

Rica Derosier,President FILAM Cultural. I finally gotcha. This webb is so attractive. Kudos to you and Belle Limoge.

Pete Cruz
May 7, 2007

Cultural Dancers were fantastic at the Pageant held at the SNCO. I looked in your website to see if there was a posted schedule of where they will be performing and could not find one. It would be a good idea to have their schedule and location and how to book them if needed. The Cultural Dance has made me want to know more about my country since I have been born and raised in America. MARAMING

August 11, 2009

Thank you for sharing with us our grief and sorrow. Your kindness and support are so much appreciated by our family.
Thank you also for your gift of love.
God bless you.

August 5, 2009

Wonderful web page. Happy to see some of our fellow members from years past. Warm regards to all who remember us and best wishes to the association for its future success.

Anastacio Herrera
Sept. 10, 2009