Miss and Miss Teen Filam 2017

Press Conference Miss/Teen Filam pageant - August 12, 2017

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Press conference was held and talent show where winners will be announced on the Coronation night at the California Arts Center, Escondido ok August 19, 2017 on August 12, 2017 at Pacific Palisade, Carlsbad, CA. We would like to congratulate FACO MFA chair Rein Hanson, co-chair Sheila Cabuco Butler, members of the committee, volunteers for an excellent event! Thank you host Jun Guzman! You're awesome and really know how to keep the event fun, interesting and upbeat! You had me in stitches.?? Thank to the amazing judges Lisa Smith, V-Marie Barnachea, Carnie Encar Banares! What's a press conference without the press! Thank you to marvelous press: Steve Marcotte OsideNews.com, Abner Galino US Asian Post & Weekend Balita, LA, Teodoro Yap with Pol Joaquin Photographer/FilAm Press Club, Tony Garcia Freelance Media Los Angeles, Rodel Borgonia Asian Journal San Diego, Anne Laguerdier of Pinas the Filipinos' Global Newspaper with her staff, photographer, Jun Guzman Filipino Press,...........and anyone I have missed because of the excitement of the moment.????

Congratulations to the beautiful, talented, attractive, friendly pageant contestants! Talent Show was fantastic so was the swimwear. You have so much to offer! We're all proud of you!
MFA contestants 2017
1.Jaymie Lyn Best
Miss Teen Filam 2017
Candidate No. 1
2.Fiona Baumhogger
Miss Teen Filam 2017
Candidate No. 2
3.Soledad Cielo
Miss Teen Filam 2017
Candidate No. 3
4.Natalie Andrei Barry
Miss Teen Filam 2017
Candidate No. 4
5.Soleil Graham
Miss Teen Filam 2017
Candidate No. 5
6.Avalynn dela Rosa
Miss Teen Filam 2017
Candidate No. 6
7.Jesamea Batister
Miss Filam 2017
Candidate No. 7
8.Heather Salanga
Miss Filam 2017
Candidate No. 8
9.Tiare Willams
Miss Filam 2017
Candidate No. 9
10.Mariah Grace Fulinara
Miss Filam 2017
Candidate No. 10
11.Carol Cabrera
Miss Filam 2017
Candidate No. 11
12.Princess Joy dela Pena
Miss Filam 2017
Candidate No. 12

Job well done Rein, Sheila, Dorothy Mahimer, Belle Limoge, JM Ureta, and to everyone who contributed to make the event a success!
Our deepest appreciation and sincere thanks to everyone for the success of the event: contestants, judges, members of the press, photographer, sponsors, donors, host, chair, co-chair, members of the committee, volunteers, chef, venue, and anyone we have missed!
I surely enjoyed the event! Reported by Zucette Lumabas Bsn FACO Correspondence Secretary, Networking chair.


Miss & Teen FilAm Pageant. August 19, 2017

It was a spectacular night to remember! The most awaited night, the Coronation of Miss/Teen Pageant winners on August 19, 2017 at the California Center of Arts, Escondido.

Excellent job Chair Rein Hanson, co-chair Sheila Cabuco Butler, Dorothy Mahimer, Belle Limoge and the members of the committee. Thank you to our amazing hosts Jun Guzman & Tricia Orpillo. Thank you to our judges who were given a hard task and did an awesome job: Kenneth Barlis, Carl Andrada, Giselle Boone, Christina Fandino, Veronica Elkamp. Thank you to the press Rajesh Shah, Pol Juaquin, Tony Garcia, San Diego Tribune, Pinas Press to name a few......Our deepest appreciation and thanks to all contestants, their family, relatives, friends, sponsors, donors, judges, hosts, the MFA committee, volunteers, performers, reporters, photographers, staff of the venue, and anyone we have missed. The guest performers singers and dancers were marvelous!

The contestants were beautiful, talented and confident. The audience were wonderful and enthusiastic, rooting for their candidates. It was a lovely sight to behold.

Congratulations to the winners: Miss Teen Filam Category;

Miss Teen Filam 2017 - Fiona Baumhogger
Miss Teen 1st Runner-Up Avalyn dela Rosa
Miss Teen 2nd Runner- Up Soleil Graham
Miss Teen Photogenic - Jaymielyn Best
Miss Teen Best Talent - Fiona Baumhogger
Miss Teen Social Media - Natalie Andrei Barry
Miss Teen Viewers’ Choice JaymieLyn Best
Miss Teen Best Costume Soleil Graham
Miss Teen Best Swimwear Soleil Graham
Miss Teen Evening Gown Soleil Graham

Miss Filam Category;
Miss Filam 2017 - Mariah Grace Fulinara
Miss 1st Runner-up - Jesamea Batister
Miss 2nd Runner-up - Princess Joy dela Pena
Miss Photogenic - Jesamea Batister
Miss Best Talent - Mariah Grace Fulinar
Miss Social Media - Mariah Grace Fulinar
Miss Viewers Choice - Princess Joy dela Pena
Miss Best Costume - Jesamea Batister
Miss Best Swimwear - Princess Joy dela Pena
Miss Best Evening Gown Princess Joy dela Pena

More power to FACO. In unity we have strength.
We believe and practice honesty, integrity and truthfulness.
Reported by Zucette Lumabas FACO correspondence Secretary and Networking chair person

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