On Sept. 13, 2014, at Lake O'Neill in Camp Pendleton, FACO's Annual Picnic was held together with the Election of Officers and Directors (Executive Board) to serve the association for the years 2015-2016.

The Election Committee composed of Dulia Candelaria (chair), Susan Lime Pilotte (co-chair) and members like Johnnny and Jill Sivage, Dorothy Mahimer and Ligaya Daniels did a wonderful job to implement a smooth election. Information dissemination through posters, facebook, emails and website were accomplished. Posters were provided, too, with the candidates' pictures and bio-data at the polls for members to read before making their decisions.

The results were tallied on the whiteboard and then announced by the Election Committee Chair Dulia Candelaria.

Results of election were as follows:

President - Belle Limoge
Vice President - Zucette Lumabas
Executive Secretary - Jonathan Enerva
Treasurer - Vangie McNeal
Five (5) Board of Directors:
Dori Harris
Malou Hamto
Wendy Abon-Thrower
Marilou dela Rosa
Virgie Flemming


The day will not be complete without the annual summer picnic. In between going to the buffet table and enjoying the food and lechon provided by the association as well as the varied dishes shared by the members for potluck, the members can go to the nearby polls and vote. But what is truly exciting in this day is the camaraderie of the members, the good chats, fun and laughter they all had!!


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