EVERY OTHER MONTH GENERAL MEETING - On the THIRD SATURDAY OF FEBRUARY, APRIL, JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER, DECEMBER from 1 pm to 4 pm - Members and guests are encouraged to attend this meeting with the officers and directors of the association.

    VENUE FOR ABOVE MEETINGS: COMMUNITY ROOM OF MISSION BRANCH LIBRARY located at 3861 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92055
(between library entrance and Oceanside Police Department)

News & Announcement by ZUCETTE LUMABAS

We celebrated the birthday of gorgeous Virgie Flemming on January 9, 2018 at Mission Branch library, Oceanside, CA. Many happy returns of the wonderful day! We wish Virgie happiness, success, good health, richness and contentment! Yeah!

FACO VP/Chair FACO Christmas party Dorothy Mahimer thanked the courageous heroes Oceanside Fire Department for their very important job of keeping our community safe especially during the Lilac Fire during the FACO Christmas Party on December 16, 2017 at Veterans Association of North County. Dorothy in behalf of FACO gave Certificate of Appreciation thanking our hero OFA President/ OFD Captain Dave Overton for his esteemed contributions to FACO programs and events and dedicated service in keeping the community safe, he was assigned to the Lilac fire. I personally would like to thank Pres. Dave for his commitment and invaluable service to FACO for several years. We recognize his zealous work and unselfish dedication not only to Oceanside Fire Department (OFD) but also Oceanside Firefighters' Association (OFA). He's an awesome leader, on top of things, intelligent, great teacher (I learned a lot from him about the firefighters which made me admire our heroes), has firm convictions, he will defend what is right, friendly, gentleman, patient, tolerant, supportive of different clubs/associations, dedicated to his work ( We admire our heroes bc even though they want to eat or rest the people and community come first, they sacrifice their safety and comfort to make sure we are safe) We can't thank them enough. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our hero for everything good you do for the community, protecting lives and properties, connecting and teaching people how to be safe, saving lives, properties and keeping us safe. May God bless and keep you safe always. by Zucette Lumabas Bsn FACO Correspondence Secretary & networking chair

FACO Members' & Friends Christmas Party - December 16, 2017

The much anticipated FACO Christmas party has arrived!!! It was an awesome event. The party was started with a yummy meal, opened by amazing President Rein Hanson where she thanked the FACO board, members and everyone, recognized our heroes the Oceanside Firefighters for their amazing contribution to the safety of the community especially during the Lilac wildfires, helping the elderly and disabled evacuate, and helping put out fires. It was followed with the melodious voices of Maharlika Choir led by Ex-officio Director Belle Limoge. The new Binibining Pilipinas of the world Allana Marie Carreon-Miclat Alonzo and Teen Binibining Pilipinas of the world Natalie were introduced. VP/chair Dorothy Mahimer was fantastic thanking everyone and called OFD Jacob Chambers and his beautiful wife Cienna to the stage. Filipino-American Cultural Organization (FACO) gave a certificate thanking our hero Director Community Event Firefighter Jacob Chambers for his continued support of FACO and for his dedicated service in keeping the community safe. I would like to add my sincere thanks and gratitude to our hero OFD/OFA Jacob Chambers for keeping our people and properties safe and is an excellent Director community events, he's on top of things, intelligent, friendly, efficient, hard working. The Cultural Dance Group showed their prowess to the delight of the audience. It was followed by I'm so honored to work with these great volunteers chaired by VP Dorothy Mahimer, members Zeny Austria Cruz Nowroozi, Nellie Davis, Virgie Flemming, Mely Sivage, Enri Pisco Fulmore, volunteers Bill Mahimer, Jacqueline Guevara Lazaga, Denise, Linda Freeman, Agnes Fernandez. Our deepest thanks to our guests, committee, volunteers, VANC, DJ for making our event a very successful one!! It sure was a night of getting to know you, recognition, fun, dancing!!! by Zucette Lumabas Bsn Correspondence Secretary and networking chair.


News & Announcement by ZUCETTE LUMABAS

FACO Hiyas committee celebrates - November 10, 2017

An awesome wrap up meeting of the successful FACO Hiyas/Anniversary event was held at Nattiya's Restaurant on November 10, 2017. Positive feedback and constructive suggestions were given by the committee members Rein Hanson, Belle Limoge, JM Ureta, Sheila Butler, Enri Pisco Fulmore, Bob Hamilton & Zucette Lumabas. It was a fun meeting led by chair Rein Hanson. Thank you for a great team work.. Then we unwound and had Such talents in voice and dancing! Even those who usually don't perform in public sang well! It was a satisfying and exhilarating night! Yummy food! We ended the fantastic evening with a group singing "That's What Friends Are For!" More power to FACO! May God bless us and guide us! by Zucette Lumabas Bsn FACO correspondence Secretary and networking chair.

FACO 40th Anniversary & 5th Annual Hiyas Awards at Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa on October 22, 2017

For more details, please click here

FACO 40th Anniversary and 5th Annual Hiyas Award at Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa on October 22, 2017

From Belle Limoge:
Thank you so much Oceanside City Mayor Jim Wood for supporting our events. The first event you attended after your recovery...that was so thoughtful of you!! You have such a big heart and your wife too Pamela Wood! Our deepest appreciation also to Debbie and Bob Mikulay, Brad Penner and his family for joining us last night!! Of course, thank you to all the guests, members and Hiyas Awardees. Congratulations to Rein Hanson and the committee members who worked hard to make this event a success!! It's a pleasure working with you and the team who made it happen - Zucette Lumabas Bsn, Dorothy Mahimer, Rose Wallace, JM Ureta, Virgie Flemming, Sheila Frances, Enri Pisco Fulmore Bob Hamilton!!

FACO Picnic - September 9, 2017

FACO picnic was held on September 9, 2017 at Luiseno Park. I wish I was there. Thank you to our heroes Oceanside Police Department awesome Sgt. Kedrick Sadler for sending Officer Adam Stingley and another officer to the FACO event. Knowing Officer Adam, he was such an amazing gentleman, patient, friendly, great with adults and kids alike, smiling with his twinkling eyes, a wonderful rep for the police department! Our deepest appreciation and thanks to our OPD heroes for connecting with FACO and for everything good you do for the community. I saw the yummy litson. And people having fun!!! By FACO Correspondence Secretary & networking chair Zucette Lumabas Bsn.

FACO Awards presentation and Farewell party - August 26, 2017

It was an awesome event: the awards presentation to the pageant winners and farewell party for the Lazarus boys on August 26, 2017 in Oceanside, CA. There were plenty of laughter, tears, congratulations, how are you's, getting to know you's, dancing, beautiful poses! Congratulations chair Rein Hanson, co-chair Sheila Cabuco Butler, Dorothy Mahimer , Belle Limoge and the MFA committee, job well done! Amazing host Belle Limoge kept the program flowing smoothly. Thank you and congratulations to Miss FilAm Mariah Grace Fulinara, 1st runner Jesamea Batister, 2nd runner Joy dela Pena, Miss Teen FilAm Fiona Baumhogger, 1st runner Avalyn dela Rosa, 2nd runner up Soleil Graham. Farewell, so long and thank you Lazarus Boys Kevin Ferenal, Paul Lambo JayR Chua, Arjhay Herrera, Ric Dacallos Sabuco Jr., Martin Cabreros. Thank you JM Ureta and volunteers for arranging and manning the yummy food. Thank you to all who came and to everyone for your support. ??????Reported by Zucette Lumabas Bsn Correspondence Secretary & networking chair.

FACO members attend MSLRP fundraising. - July 26, 2017

FACO Treasurer Rose Wallace, Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas, member Ed Bagon attended the very successful fundraising at Feast at the Mission San Luis Rey benefitting the Old Mission, Oceanside Rotary, Oceanside Museum of Arts, TERI and Y ymca. There were lots of delicious food, drink, great entertainment, displays. It was wonderful to see friends, renew acquaintances and meet new friends. It was a fun and exciting event.

FACO CDG unwinds - July 23, 2017

After a very busy and successful season the amazing FACO Cultural Dance Group spent a relaxing afternoon on July 23, 2017 hosted by the awesome couple Hank and Belle Limoge. There was the yummy boodle fight which was enjoyed by the group. There was a lot of socialization, swapping stories, swimming, games, more eating as new food were brought in. Awards were given in appreciation for " Going Above and Beyond" to FACO Cultural Dance Group Enri Pisco Fulmore, Agnes Fernandez, Zeny Austria Cruz Nowroozi, Rose Wallace (not in the picture) for their perfect attendance in all performances by Belle Limoge! Congratulations!

Snapshots from the 2017 Tri-City Medical Center-Oceanside Independence Parade - OsideNews

Oceanside CA— Oceansides’ annual Independence Parade took place Saturday morning, July 1, 2017 with Chuck Atkinson, President and co-founder of the Veterans Association of North County (VANC) Resource Center, serving as Grand Marshal. This years theme was ‘Star Spangled Salute’ with more than 130 entries traveling north on Coast Highway which was lined with spectators from start to finish. The title sponsor again this year was Tri-City Medical Center with MainStreet Oceanside producing the event. KOCT carried the parade live and will be replaying the event numerous times throughout July and on demand at

FACO attends Los Chabacanos Gala - July 1, 2017

FACO officers and members led by Pres. Rein Hanson, IPP/ Director Belle Limoge, VP Dorothy Mahimer, Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas, Director Sheila Butler, Director Virgie Fleming, Mrs. Fil/Am Marilyn Nunez and friends attended the amazing 45th Los Chabacanos gala on July 1, 2017 at Handlery Hotel. It was a successful event. Rein who planned the Belle's birthday celebration, Dorothy, Belle, Sheila, Alexis and I went to Humphrey's Back Stage to see the awesome Liquid Blue Band. There was a lot of dancing esp. by Rein and Belle. It was a fun and memorable evening.

FACO Cultural Dance Group performs at Camp Pendleton - June 29, 2017

From Zucette Lumabas:

It was a marvelous performance by the FACO Cultural Dance Group at the Dental Battalion, Camp Pendleton! The 1st Dental Battalion Commanding Officer Capt. Peter Ruocco was awesome, warm and welcoming. The audience were enthusiastic and appreciative. It was a joy to watch the CDG perform.

From Belle Limoge:
Thank you once again for the dedication of FACO's Cultural Dance Group to spread the Filipino culture in Camp Pendleton this morning. It is always our pleasure to dance and be ambassadors of goodwill. Some of the dancers have to take off from work just to fulfill their mission. Hats off to Enri Pisco Fulmore, Esther Francia Adversalo, Rose Wallace, Janice Z. Ureta-Sanchez, Zeny Austria Cruz Nowroozi, Jonathan R. Enerva, JM Ureta, Lennie Pisco, and two youngest recruits - Angie and Jaymie Bell Best. Our thanks to Zucette Lumabas Bsn for being there all the time to support us and take our pictures. MABUHAY!!

News & Announcement by ZUCETTE LUMABAS |

Aegis at Mission Asian Market. June 27, 2017

StarMedia Aegis visited Mission Asian Market on June 27, 2017. They are going to have a show at California Centers for the Arts in Escondido, CA on July 22, 2017. It's going to be awesome. FACO President Rein Hanson, PP Marilou Dela Rosa, Paul Nicko, RJ Herrera, Kevin Ferenel and Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas met the group.

News & Announcement by ZUCETTE LUMABAS |

FACO Appreciation dinner - June 19, 2017

The FACO Appreciation dinner for the awesome June Cultural Celebration 2017 was a hugh success held at Sunhing Restaurant on June 19, 2017. Present were chair President Rein Hanson and co-chair VP Dorothy Mahimer, the committee chairs, co-chairs, the popular CDG, Lazarus boys, to name a few....There was a lot of camaraderie, socialization and getting to know you cuz we were so busy at the event. Yummy food.

From Belle Limoge: |

Proclamation of Filipino Cultural Celebration - June 7, 2017

AN INCREDIBLE WEEK, INCREDIBLE DEDICATION.... This year's Philippine Independence Day celebration has been incredible for the FACO's cultural dance group - 5 big engagements in 3 days. It started with at least an hour non-stop performance at the 16th Annual Filipino Cultural Celebration at the Oceanside Civic Plaza on June 10, 2017. The following day, in the morning of June 11th, a TV appearance at KUSI news, then on June 12th, another hour performance in Vista and in the same day, in the afternoon, another 1-hour performance at the Sycuan Casino ( special thanks to the Lazarus boys for dancing with us - Kevin, JR and Ric). The following day, another one hour performance in San Diego. We were tired, our feet were aching but the smiles and dancing continued. The engagements are not only incredible but more so the dedication of the cultural dance group (CDG) family. Like a big family, we have some roles to play. Enri Pisco Fulmore is our director who takes care of the line up and oversees that we do well, while I take care of promotions and communications with clients and choreography of fusion dances, Zeny Austria Cruz Nowroozi and Agnes Fernandez do a wonderful job of keeping our costumes together in great shape (which is not easy), Esther Francia Adversalo never fails to remind the members about their schedule and opens her house if we have no other place to practice while Janice Z. Ureta-Sanchez takes care of our music and handle audio technical issues in spite of being a busy mom & wife & building her career, Rose Wallace is one of our lead dancers who never fails to amaze me with her dedication - performing while her daughter is about to give birth, Jonathan R. Enerva who in spite work and acting career is always there. The rest of the family are so amazing with their dedication - Emily Smith, JM Ureta, Sheila Cabuco Butler, Nellie Davis, Pro Serrato who were there to help us fulfill all these commitments, including our new members Lyn Best and her two lovely daughters. One of our original members, great dancer Lennie Pisco, joined us again in spite of her busy schedule. Also, good members of our CDG family are Lizette Jones, Jennifer Tettleton, Analyn Nauta (who even drives from LV just to visit us and perform) and Malou Soliman Hamto. We also have our emcee and photographer who are always there for us, Zucette Lumabas Bsn. You are all amazing!! Also, special thanks goes to Alice Velasco and Bob Hamilton who are always willing to give us a helping hand!! I love you all for you are just incredible people who dedicate so much to the organization and to promote our Philippine culture!!

News & Announcement by ZUCETTE LUMABAS |

Proclamation of Filipino Cultural Celebration - June 7, 2017

Proclamation of the 16th Annual Filipino Cultural Celebration and pageant contestants was presented at the Oceanside Council Chamber by Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery on June 7, 2017. Library Director Sherri Cosby, Library Division Manager Brad Penner, FACO President Rein Hanson, IPP/Exofficio Belle Limoge, PP Mely Sivage, PP Rica Derosier, Correspondence secretary Zucette Lumabas, Director Sheila Cabuco Butler, Mrs. Fil-Am, Little Fil-Am, Pre-Teen winners and contestants (winners will be announced on June 10), 2016 Miss PreTeen Janelle Serquina were present. The children said the Pledge of Allegiance. Thank you to the family, friends and everyone who were there to support.

FACO CDG performs at Life Care Center of Vista - April 30, 2017

FACO Cultural Dance Group (CDG) had a marvelous performance for the staff appreciation dinner at Life Care Center of Vista on April 13, 2017. They enjoy performing their cultural dances and add lively dances like Zumba while wearing cultural costumes like the latest addition Haypa a vigorous dance which they danced with enthusiasm. Audience were very appreciative.

FACO attends ULOL - April 23, 2017

FilAm Cultural Organization President Rein Hanson, ExOfficio Director Belle Limoge, Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas, Treasurer Rose Wallace, Director Sheila Butler, Sgt. at Arms JM Ureta, Jackie Lazaga, Alice Velasco, Esther Adversalo, Agnes Fernandez, Zeny Nowroozi, Nellie Davis, Pro Serrato, Janice Sanchez, Bernard Sanchez, Sabrina Ureta, Malou Hamto, Lizette Jones and more members, relatives and friends attended the hilarious, awesome show "Ultimate Laugh Out Loud" (ULOL) Pipay, Le Chazz, Petite, Kim Idol, Matt Gozon at the Jack Tygett Performing Arts, Chula Vista, CA on April 23, 2017. We can't stop laughing. And also handsome, talented, friendly, kindhearted, great singer Daniel Matsunaga. We had so much fun. We went to support the show.

Spring Fling Membership Appreciation Event on April 8, 2017 at Oceanside Senior Center

From FACO President Rein:
I would like to thank the Committee of FACO Spring Fling Night headed by Dir. Dori Harris, Dir. Rica Derosier, Treas. Rose Wallace and Sgt at Arms JM Ureta for a job well done. It was indeed an awesome party with full of laughter, food and dancing. And of course to all the members and guests who came and joined in the celebration my sincerest appreciation and thanks!

I also like to acknowledge Ex Officio Belle Limoge and Corr. Secretary Zucette Lumabas for the very inspirational leadership that you have shown for the past 2 years and likewise to tita Mely Sivage. You are all pillars of the association and may you serve as our inspiration and courage to continue the vision of FACO. May God bless us all! Mabuhay and maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!


Maharlika Choral Group. May 22, 2017

The newly formed wonderful Maharlika Choral Group chaired by IPP/ Director Belle Limoge with their awesome Musical Director Debbie Nicastro will perform at the 16th Annual Filipino Cultural Celebration that will be held on June 10, 2017 at the Oceanside Civic Center Plaza & Library.

MSGT Patrick Butler retire - April 7, 2017


  Master Sergeant Patrick Butler retired with 24 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. Patrick is the husband of FACO Director Sheila Cabuco Butler. There were FACO officers and members who wished him the best like President Rein & Thomas Hanson, VP Dorothy & Bill Mahimer, Ex officio Director Belle & Hank Limoge, Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas, Zeny Nowroozi, Esther & Tony Adversalo, Shirley Deleon & hubby, Lizette Jones, Analyn Nauta, Malou Hamto, Janice Ureta Sanchez, Sabrina Ureta, and JM who catered the delicious dinner. It was an awesome event.


FACO CDG performs at Women's Club of Oceanside. April 6, 2017

  The FACO Cultural Dance Group (CDG) were awesome entertaining the Women's Club of Oceanside on April 6, 2017 at their clubhouse. They wowed the audience who were enthusiastic and wanted to know how they can be hired. Just go to the and request for CDG. It was a fun afternoon.

New director, assistant treasurer, Sgt. at arms inducted. April 3, 2017

Congratulations FACO Director Femie Villaflores Cupit, Assistant Treasurer Sheila Cabuco Butler & Sgt. At Arms JM Ureta! They were inducted by President Rein Hanson at the productive awesome meeting on April 3, 2017 at Mission Branch Library. Officers/members congratulated them. More power to our club!

FACO attend 25th anniversary gala by SD Humanitarian Foundation
March 25, 2017

Fil-Am Cultural Organization (FACO) officers and members attended the 25th anniversary gala by SD Humanitarian Foundation on March 25, 2017 at Marriot Mission Valley. It was an awards studded event with so many deserving recipients like Alessja Morales as Miss Fil-Am Humanitarian 2017, FACO Miss Pre-Teen Janelle Serquina as Miss Emerging Youth Achiever, Director Femie Cupit and her golf group to name a few, beautiful people, striking costumes, amazing dances, yummy food. We enjoyed the event.

Oceanside Fire Department hosts flag burning ceremony. March 18, 2017

The Oceanside Fire Department led by Fire Chief Rick Robinson hosted a United States Flag Retirement Ceremony for the Oceanside Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10577 and the Oceanside American Legion Post 146. It was an impressive solemn event. FACO correspondence secretary Zucette Lumabas attended the event.

New books donated to Oceanside Public Library. March 17, 2017

FACO ExOfficio Director Belle Limoge donated several new books to the Oceanside Public Library on March 17, 2017. Shown are Library Director Sherri Cosby, Library Manager Brad Penner, FACO President Rein Hanson, VP Dorothy Mahimer, ExOfficio Director Belle Limoge, Peter Cruz, and Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas. Photo taken by Kris Morales.

FACO CDG performs - February 28, 2017

  FACO Cultural Dance Group had an awesome performance at the Lifetime Care
  Center of Vista on February 28, 2017. The audience were receptive, had fun
  and very appreciative.

FACO attends Oceanside Women's Club Chili Cook Off. March 4, 2017

Filipino-American Cultural Organization ExOfficio Belle & Hank Limoge, Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas, Nellie Davis and husband, Jackie Lazaga, Marc Manlapaz, Pam Pahnke, Esther & Tony Adversalo attended the awesome Women's Club of Oceanside Chili Cook Off on March 4, 2017 at their clubhouse. There were a lot of delicious Chilis cooked and enthusiastic guests. Proceeds will go to the Oceanside Firefighters' Association (OFA).The club president Dorothy Arney welcomed the guests. Steve Marcotte did the publicity.

The First State of the Filipino American Community Address. March 11, 2017.

Belle Limoge post: "It was a memorable First State of the Filipino American Community Address by Hon. Consul Audie de Castro and to hear LA Consul Adelino Cruz, Atty Valerie Garcia Hong, and other respected speakers. It was nice to see our organization (FACO) to be recognized for its mission of promoting our culture like that of the June event and be one of the donors for the House of the Philippines project. As what Hon Consul Audie had addressed to the FIL Am community, we need to preserve and promote our culture, help one another in Bayanihan spirit and organize for a unified and collaborative movement."

The First State of the Filipino American Community by Honorable Audie de Castro was held at the Jacob's for Neighborhood Innovation in San Diego, CA on March 11, 2017. It was wonderful to see the awesome support of the Filipino Community. The Filipino-American Cultural Organization president Rein Hanson, ExOfficio Director Belle Limoge, VP Dorothy Mahimer, Correspondence Secretary Zucette Lumabas, Director Sheila Butler and Bill Mahimer attended in support of the event. It was great to connect, socialize and meet new friends. By CS Zucette Lumabas

FACO honored March birthday celebrant IPP/Director Mely Sivage at the lively and exciting board meeting last March 2, 2015 at the Mission Branch Library.

From L-R: Custodian Peter Cruz, Executive Secretary Jonathan Enerva, Director Wendy Thrower, Director Malou Hamto, President Belle Limoge, Corresponding secretary Alexis Plaisted, PP Rica Derosier, Director Dori Harris, IPP/Director Mely Sivage, Vice-president Zucette Lumabas, Director Virgie Flemming.

FACO General Membership meeting was held last February 21, 2015 at the Mission Branch Library from 1pm to 4pm. It was successful and well attended. It was made possible due to the collaborative effort of the Executive Board and General Membership committee.

President Belle Limoge inducted Alexis Plaisted as recording secretary at the 1st official FACO board meeting of the newly elected executive directors last January 5, 2015 at the Mission Branch library. At the same meeting the officers sang a resounding happy birthday to the January celebrants Director Dori Harris and Director Virgie Flemming. It was a productive and successful meeting.


FACO Cultural Dance Group Performs at Escondido Public Library

Escondido Public Library presents the Filipino-American Cultural Organization (FACO) Dance Group on Saturday, October 25, 2014, at 3:00 p.m. in the Turrentine Room. The FACO Dance Group promotes an appreciation and celebration of Filipino culture by performing classic Filipino dances in colorful, traditional costumes.

This event is a highlight of Escondido Public Library’s partnership with KPBS to promote 2014’s One Book, One San Diego selection, Monstress, by author Lysley Tenorio, a San Diego native. Monstress describes the Filipino experience through a series of heartfelt short stories.

The FACO Dance Group shares their talent, serving as ambassadors for Filipino culture through dance. Their performance includes traditional Filipino dances such as "Bulaklakan" and “Tinikling.” The Bulaklakan is the dance of flowers, usually done during the month of May in the Philippines when flowers traditionally bloom. In the Tinikling, dancers imitate the tikling bird's legendary grace and speed as they dance between a pair of snapping bambo Escondido Public Library also presents the following upcoming events in celebration of the 2014 One Book, One San Diego program

Aside from Tinikling and Bulaklakan, the FACO Dance Group also performed other dances like Uyaoy, Banga, Bumayah, Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Salakot, Carinosa, T'boli, and "Salidumay" dance. Performers are : Enri Fulmore, Belle Limoge, Cita Lime, Esther Adversalo, Rose Wallace, Malou Hamto, Jonathan Enerva, Janice Ureta-Sanchez, Sheila Cabuco Butler and JM Ureta.


Mrs. Fil-Am 2014 Criscelle Santiago together with other beauty queens like Miss Philippines USA 2014, Bb. International 2010 Krista Kleiner (who was also one of the Top 10 in Miss International Pageant in 2010) and other celebrities were guests at the August ribbon cutting of Image Spa in Encinitas, California. Entertainment was provided by renowned singers like Pops Fernandez, Geneva Cruz and Krista Kleiner while Ms. Garrie Concepcion hosted the show. To represent the organization aside from Mrs. Fil-Am 2014 Criscelle Santiago were Directors Zucette Lumabas and Rica Derosier, members Alexis Plaisted, Virgie Martin and Pat dela Rosa.


FACO Cultural Dance Group was Invited to Perform in Several Events

On Oct. 3rd, the FACO Cultural Dance Group was invited to perform at a wedding reception in Sheraton Hotel Harbor Drive in San Diego, to add entertainment to the celebration.

On June 12th, in a big celebration of the Philippine Independence Day in the US, Sycuan Casino invited the FACO Cultural Dance Group to perform several Philippine folk dances at their lobby.

Another event, on May 30th, the Bonsall Elementary School in Oceanside invited the FACO Cultural Dance Group to perform during their Multi-Cultural Night. The dance group performed cultural dances like Banga, Uyaoy, Bumayah, Salakot and Tinikling to the delight of the audience.



During FACO's May 5, 2014 Executive Board Meeting, Debbie Nicastro, who is a strong supporter of FACO, was awarded with a TROPHY OF APPRECIATION for her dedication as co-chair of fund-raising event for Typhoon Haiyan victims named "Through the Storm: A Concert of Hope" which was held on April 12th at Star Theatre, and for her outstanding services to the organization. Aside from being in charge of entertainment, she also performed as member and soloist of the Through the Storm Gospel Choir and the band Network. She has been providing her time and talents to the organization over the years as guest performer and emcee at FACO's different events. Although, she is not a Filipino-American or married/affiliated to a Filipino, she had shown interest in the Filipino culture and rendered wonderful services to the association.


On April 12, 2014 at Star Theater, two concerts were held - one at 2:00 - 4:30 pm and the other one at 5:30-9:00 pm. The first concert featured Filipino cultural skit and dances and Through the Storm Choir. The second concert started at 5:30 pm which showed three bands performing - Radio-Active, City Reef and Network. Aside from these performers, guests came like Oceanside City Mayor Jim Wood and the Oceanside Sea Lions' Miss Oceanside and Miss Teen Oceanside and their court. More pictures and write-up to follow at the website's gallery page

THROUGH THE STORM: A CONCERT OF HOPE was promoted at the Oceanside City Council Meeting

The Oceanside City Council during its council meeting had given the opportunity to FACO, through its representative Sec. Belle Limoge, to promote its fund-raising concert called THROUGH THE STORM: A CONCERT OF HOPE to benefit the Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. Chair Marilou dela Rosa and Co-Chair Zucette Lumabas also attended the meeting to promote the event.


The Filipino-American Cultural Organization (FACO), through the generosity of its Hiyas Awardees composed of outstanding men and women in North San Diego County in their field of study, adopted a room in the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) . Since the school is moving to its new location (inside the campus of the University of the Philippines) and with limited budget, there is a need for donation for various fixtures of its classrooms/offices, thus the ADOPT-A-ROOM PROJECT of the UPIS was conceptualized. To adopt a room is to provide the various equipment and furnishings needed for the certain classroom. FACO adopted a room by sponsoring the CA FILIPINO ROOM 1 (Grades 3-6) Room 320. As an acknowledgement, the room was labeled after FACO thru an 8" x 11" bronze plate installed near the door.

There are about 10 classes held in the room every week and each class has 35 students. The room was furnished with 46" LED TV, magnetic whiteboard, bulletin cork board, teacher table, 35 pcs. of monobloc chairs, teacher's table and refurbished cabinets. It will also be furnished with computer desktop laptop and display cabinet bookshelf.


In line with the mission of the organization to support education, FACO donates another $1,000 dollars to Oceanside Civic Library to renovate its branch, the Mission Oceanside Branch Library located at 3861 Mission Ave., Oceanside, California. The branch will be renovating its facilities this month of March.

Aside from this donation, the organization donates annually $1,000 to Oceanside Library which is awarded during its Annual Filipino Cultural Day celebration.

In addition to monetary donation, the organization donates books to the library procured from the Philippines. The books also come from different Philippine agencies like Department of Tourism, National Historical Institute and others; while most of the children's books in Filipino and English are purchased from Philippine book stores and book fairs.


On Dec. 15, 2013, FACO Cultural Dance Group performed at the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Zumbathon Fundraising in Encinitas Community Center. They performed three cultural dances namely, UYAOY, BANGA, BUMAYAH and a fusion of cultural dance and zumba in the pop music "Buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls. The proceeds will go to Gawad Kalinga to build homes for the typhoon victims of Yolanda in the Philippines.

The dancers were Jonathan Enerva, Enri Fulmore, Dulia Candelaria, Esther Adversalo and Belle Limoge.


The association gave a donation to help teams of young basketball players from the Philippines to participate in a Goodwill Basketball Tournament in North San Diego County, particularly Carlsbad and Oceanside on April 5th and 6th, 2013. The Philippines National Boys 13U & 14U are coming to Carlsbad to participate in this Goodwill Basketball Games to reach out between this city and the Philippines. Nicanor (Nic) Jorge is the director and founder of the largest basketball program in the Philippines, who brought these two teams to play a few teams from North County.

Another great performance of the Fil-Am Youth Cultural Dance Group was on August 24, 2012 at the San Luis Rey grounds in celebration of the 2nd Annual Feast of San Luis Rey de Francia. They performed three Philippine folk dances representing the southern part of the Philippines - "Kapiil sa Munsala", "Pangalay" and "Singkil". Dancers for the "Kapiil sa Munsala" were Maria Concepcion, Melanie Pagayonan, Sage McCray and Tess Concepcion. Solo dancer for "Pangalay" was Felicia Lime Ramos and "Singkil" dancers were Mina Giles, Gloria Giles, Maria Concepcion, Conrad Giles, Marshal Giles, Richmond Pagayonan and Sage McCray. The group was headed by Toni Lime as choreographer and Malou Hamto as co-chair for YDP. The organization has been very active in this festive activity of San Luis Church in Oceanside, California..


The Fil-Am Youth Cultural Dance Group was invited to perform during the closing ceremonies on August 19, 2012 at the Star Theatre in Oceanside, California. The group performed beautifully to the delight of the audience the Philippine folk dances from the southern part of the Philippines. They performed "Kapiil sa Munsala" and the Muslim-inspired wedding dance called "Singkil". The dancers for the first dance were Maria Concepcion, Melanie Pagayonan, Sage McCray and Tess Concepcion. "Singkil" dancers were Mina Giles, Anthony Pagayonan, Gloria Giles, Maria Concepcion, Conrad Giles, Jr., Marshal Giles and Richmond Pagayonan. The group was inspired and chaperoned by their choreographer Toni Lime and co-chair of Youth Development Program (YPD) Malou Hamto.


An appreciation lunch was given on August 12, 2012 at the West Buffet in El Camino Real, to all the officers and directors who worked so hard for the past year up to the most recent June 9th Annual Filipino Cultural Celebration and July Parade. It was a refreshing time for a relaxing get-together among these hardworking executives with their spouses or guests.


    On July 25, 2012, the FIL-AM Cultural Dance Group performed at the Naval Hospital of Camp Pendleton, CA in celebration of its 18th NHCP Annual Multi-cultural Day. The group was led by Chair/Choreographer Enri Fulmore, together with Jonathan Enerva, Cita Lime, Dulia Candelaria and Esther Adversalo. A booth for Filipino food was also put up to the delight of consuming public.

FIL-AM CULTURAL DANCE GROUP performed at the Library of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

    On May 17, 2012, the Marine Corps Community Services for Lifelong Learning/Libraries at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 held their Annual Customer’s Appreciation Day and also celebrated May as ASIAN PACIFIC Heritage Month. To celebrate the occassion, they invited the FIL-AM Cultural Dance Group to perform different Philippine folk dances for their patrons to experience the Filipino culture, among the different cultures in the Asian Pacific region. The group composed of, from left to right, Belle Limoge, Esther Adversale, Dulia Candelaria, Cita Lime and Jonathan Enerva. They peformed Uya-oy, Banga, Bumayah, Itik-itik and T'boli. Joining them as narrator and sound manager is Zucette Lumabas. Also in the picture is Ella G. Fritz, library technician of Mainside Library in Camp Pendleton.


The Fil-Am Cultural Dance Group was invited to perform in San Diego on October 21, 2011 during the International Day celebration of Kaiser Permanente. The group performed several dances like Uya-oy, Banga, Bumayah, Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Itik-itik and Carinosa. The pictures showed the cultural dancers like Jackie Lazaga, Mitchelle Rotulo, Malou Hamto and Belle Limoge performing the Itik-Itik (Duck) dance. Other cultural dancers but are not in the picture are Mark Jones and Jonathan Enerva.


The FIL-AM Cultural Dance Group, as the ambassadors of the association promoting the Filipino culture and dances, performed at the San Diego Padres Filipino Cultural Night Pre-Game Entertainment on Sept. 3, 2011 at PETCO Park in San Diego, California. The dances performed as seen are Uya-oy, Banga, and Bumayah. Other dances performed are Itik-itik and Carinosa. The dancers are Gloria Giles, Mina Giles, Dulia Candelaria, Cita Lime, Mitchelle Rotulo, Malou Hamto, Belle Limoge, Jackie Lazaga and Enri Fulmore. The male members of the group are Anthony Fulmore, Esteven Gombio, Jonathan Enerva, and Mark Jones. Reigning Miss Fil-Am Dejah Urbanovitch narrated the history of each dance.


FIL-AM members and Cultural Dance Group joined the San Luis Rey Church in its first multi-cultural event on August 26, 2011 at the grounds of San Luis Rey church in Mission Avenue, Oceanside, California. The FIL-AM members joined the procession of San Luis Rey de Francia wearing Filipino costumes to represent the Filipino community. The Fil-Am Cultural Dancers performed seven (7) Philippine folk dances representing the different regions of the Philippines from north to south. The performers are, from left to right, Jonathan Enerva, Cita Lime, Michelle Rotulo, Belle Limoge, Enri Fulmore, Dulia Candelaria, Malou Hamto and Esteven Gombio. Other performers but are not in the picture are Darrell Fulmore and Ted Lintan. The kids who also performed but not in the picture are Mina Giles, Gloria Giles, Conrad Giles and Angelina Flemming.


An appreciation lunch for the association's officers and directors was held on August 21, 2011 at West Buffet Restaurant located in El Camino Real, Carlsbad. This is in recognition of the time, effort and even monetary contribution that the executive officers had been donating to the association.


The FIL-AM Cultural Dance Group performed for the 80th birthday of Julie Gilchrist held on Aug. 14, 2011 at the Oceanside Counry Club Senior Center. In the picture are (from left to right) Mark Jones, Belle Limoge, Enri Fulmore, birthday celebrant Julie Gilchrist, Jonathan Enerva, Cita Lime and Anthony Fulmore.

Another Fil-Am Member Made it to the Top
Source : North County Times, Sunday, June 16, 2011

For more details, please click image 1 and image 2 .


     The FIL-AM Cultural Dancers performed at the Bonsall West Elementary School in Oceanside, California, on June 3, 2011 during the school's Multi-cultural Day. Pres. Mely Sivage represented the group as she did the introduction about the organization and the history and origin of the Philippine folk dances to be performed. The dances that were performed are Banga, Carinosa, Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Itik-itik, Tinikling and T'boli. Kids who performed were Angelina Flemming, Conrad Giles and Divina Saguing. Adult performers were Jonathan Enerva, Anthony and Enri Fulmore, Estiven Gombio, Malou Hamto, Mark Jones, Cita Lime, Belle Limoge and Mitchelle Rotulo.

JUNE 1, 2011

     The FIL-AM kids, in Filipino costumes, were given the honor by the Oceanside City Council to lead the Pledge of Allegiance during its June 1st council meeting. It was also an opportunity for the association, represented by Pres. Mely Sivage and Sec. Belle Limoge, and the Oceanside Public Library represented by Brad Penner, to promote the forthcoming June 11th Annual Filipino Cultural Day to be held at the Oceanside Civic Center. The children in colorful Filipino costumes are Angelina Flemming, Mona Abrazado, Sivage, Conrad Giles, Mina Giles and Divina Saguing.


     The FIL-AM Cultural Dance Group was invited to perform at the Multi-cultural Day event of Camp Pendleton on May 25th from 11:00 - 1:30 pm, at the Mainside Library. The performers were Enri Fulmore, Belle Limoge, Cita Lime, Mark Jones, Anthony Fulmore, Mitchelle Rotulo and Estive Gombio. Pres. Mely Sivage gave an introduction about the association and the dances to be performed, namely - Carinosa, Pandanggo sa Ilaw and Tinikling.

Fil-Am Donates More Books from the Philippines to Oceanside Public Library

     On May 12, 2011, during one of the organizational meetings between the Fil-Am Cultural Association of North San Diego County and the Oceanside Public Library in preparation for the June 11th Annual Filipino Cultural Day, the officers and directors of the association presented to the Oceanside Public Library headed by Deborah Polich, the donation of historical and cultural books imported from the Philippines to be added to its Philippine collection of books, DVD's and literature. On the picture (standing from left to right) FIL-AM Dirs. James Viado, Dulia Candelaria, Zucette Lumabas, Aida Viado, Enri Fulmore, Sec. Belle Limoge, Library Staff Brad Penner and Marie Town. (Seated from left to right) FIL-AM Pres. Mely Sivage, Library Head Deborah Polich, Staff Monica Chapa-Domercq and Kristine Moralez.


     The Fil-Am Cultural Dance Group performs at the Filipino Cultural Night of the University of San Diego on April 2nd at USD Shiley Theatre . The event was hosted and organized by a young group of Filipino-American students of the university called Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO). The dance group performs the dances - CARINOSA, ITIK-ITIK and T'BOLI. Performers are Enri Fulmore, Belle Limoge, Jonathan Enerva, Mark Jones, Anthony Fulmore, Cita Lime, Malou Hamto, Mitchelle Rotulo and Esteive.

     Aside from this, the FIL-AM Cultural Dance Group also performs at wedding, birthday and other special occassions. They were last seen performing at a wedding on April 16, 2011 at Pala Casino and Resort in Pala, California.

     To contact the group, kindly leave you feedback or inquiries on our website.

JAN. 11, 2011

     The FIL-AM association gave its annual donation of $500 to the Oceanside Public Library during the Jan. 11th Board Meeting of the Friends of the Oceanside Library. Receiving the check in behalf of the Oceanside Library is Library Director Deborah Polich and Suzanne Williams, President of the Friends of the Oceanside Library. Representing the FIL-AM association are Past Pres. Rica Derosier, Pres. Amelia Sivage, Sec. Belle Limoge, Auditor Dulia Candelaria, Sgt.-at-Arms Buddy Martin, Directors Suzette Lumabas and James Viado, and members Aida Viado and Genevieve Wunder.


     On January 8, 2011, the Ad Hoc Committee (comprised of Chair Jun Juguilon and members Dee Weber, Wendy Thrower, Elwin Derosier, Hank Limoge and Asst. Sec. Mark Jones) conducted a mock election at the residence of Hank and Belle Limoge, to put to a test the guidelines and procedures the committee had formulated. It was also a post-Holiday gathering of the officers, directors and members where they had fun at the same time!


     The organization and its Cultural Dance Group was invited to join and perform at Mesa College's Cultural Awareness Day on Dec. 2nd from 11 - 2:00 PM, organized by Filipino-American Cherie Deogracias, Senator/Student Leader of Associated Student Government of San Diego Mesa College. The celebration aims is to inform the students and public about different cultures in the community whereby the association promoted the Philippine culture by putting up a booth with Philippine handicraft and through dance performances. The association's representatives are Dirs. Zucette Lumabas, Dulia Candelaria, Jun Juguilon and the FIL-AM Cultural Dancers composed of Auditor Enri Fulmore, Sec. Belle Limoge, Dir. Cita Lime and Miss Fil-Am 2009-2010 1st Runner-up Tatiana Robinson. Miss Fil-Am 2009-2010 Dejah Urbanovitch was the emcee/narrator for each dance. The cultural dance group performed five Philippine folk dances namely Banga, Itik-itik, Carinosa, Pandanggo sa Ilaw and T'boli.


     FIL-AM monthly executive meetings are not complete without the celebration of its executives's and active members's birthdays. There would always be a personalized cake made out for the celebrants. Birthday celebrants for October are Dirs. Dee Weber, Dulia Candelaria, Jun Juguilon and Wendy Abon-Thrower; for November - active committee members Aida Viado, Jonathan Enerva and Mrs. Fil-Am Runner-Up Lucy Awde-Dickson and for December, active committee member James Viado and members Rolly Hamto and Vangie Soliman. It's also one of the many ways the association develops strong bonds and camaraderie among its members.

Birthday celebrants like Dir. Wendy Abon-Thrower shared their special moments with their family, friends and loved ones in more ways than one!


    On Sept. 26, 2010, the Annual Picnic at the Park was held to give opportunity for members to get together with their friends and loved ones as they share their favorite dishes. It was held at the Luiseno Park from 12 noon to 4 PM. At the same time, the election of new set of officers and directors was held under the guidance and direction of the COMELEC Committee composed of Pat dela Rosa, Malou Hamto and Nelly Taguba. There was a huge turn-out from the more than 200 members that the association has. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW SET OF OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS who will serve on 2011-2012!!!

For more pictures, please visit the gallery (


     Five (5) deserving FIL-AM scholars received their cash awards on June 12, 2010 from the association - (left to right) FIL-AM Scholarship Committee composed of Asst. Sec. Anthony Fulmore, Dir. Dee Weber, Nelly Taguba, 4th placer Audrey Foronda, 5th placer Isaiah Luzon, 3rd placer Oliver Hamto, 2nd placer Alexandra Tuazon, 1st placer Wade Licup, and FIL-AM Pres. Rica Derosier.

The Committee did some fund-raising activities solely for this project like the May 1st and May 29th Rummage Sale.



During the association's APPRECIATION DAY on June 27th at the Community Room of the Oceanside Public Library, FIL-AM showed its appreciation to the Library by giving a donation of $1,500. The Library has been the association's partner for more than eight years in promoting the culture of the Philippines in the community. Shown in the picture at the center is the Oceanside Public Library Head Deborah Polich accepting and thanking the association for the donation, as Library Sec. Cheri Noel and FIL-AM Pres. Rica Derosier listen.

FIL-AM donated $ 1,500 to the Oceanside Library.
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FIL-AM donated at least sixty (60) different kinds of interesting reading materials, audio and visual aids on Philippine culture, arts, history and children's books. These materials were procured by Asst. Treas. Belle Limoge when she was in the Philippines, in behalf of the association, aside from some personal donation. Many thanks to the Philippine Department of Tourism, National Historical Institute, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts chaired by Mr. Ambeth Ocampo.

There are books that show even the history and culture of specific groups like the Ilocanos, the Ifugaos, and others, not to mention some books on the Philippines' World Heritage Sites, culinary and cultural landmarks. Value-oriented and bilingual (English and Filipino) books for children were also donated that depict the Philippine myths, legends, and anecdotes. CD's that show what the 7,107 Philippine islands can offer and some Filipino musical classics are available. Please check them out at the Oceanside Public Library at 330 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054.

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